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The Associates of Ministry is an entry level degree program designed for those seeking to train and serve at a level of excellence in ministry.

The Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies degree program will equip you to interpret the Bible for yourself and others. Your ability to understand and apply the Bible will be enhanced.

Our Master’s in Biblical Studies degree will provide you with a detailed look at the various books of the Bible and create a well-rounded framework for biblical language study. 

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Program Overview

No matter your passion, Real Knowledge BCLE has the online degrees to help you get where you want to go. We are fully accredited with Transworld Accrediting Commission International. We offer a wide variety of flexible, affordable and accredited graduate programs, designed to be completed at your own pace.  Each class is purchased as you go and is only $40.00 a unit.  Most classes are 3 Units.

We customize the program according to your calling and start you at the level you have already accomplished.  Whether your goal is to earn an accredited degree or to grow deeper in your understanding of the bible.  It is our prayer that these online courses will help you develop a passion for God's Word and give you the tools necessary to make the most of your daily walk with Christ.  Convenient online courses allow you to study with Real Knowledge BCLE, joining other students seeking a trusted Bible education.

The courses of Real Knowledge BCLE:

  • Take you through the whole Bible.

  • Builds godly character in you.

  • Trains you in the gifts & fruits of the Holy Spirit.

  • Trains you to hear God's Voice.

  • Trains you in your giftings.

  • Helps you practically apply what you learn.

Popular Courses

Biblical World View

Introduction to


Learning to Love

God's Way